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LEFORT America

Kuhn Equipment is proud to be the exclusive dealer of LEFORT products for the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia region. LEFORT was founded in 1947 and is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of scrap metal recycling equipment offering several models of balers, shears, and shredders. See more information below or contact one of our sales reps today to see how you can utilize LEFORT products in your fleet.

Shear Baler Loggers


These robust one piece machines are available in 4 different versions: stationary, portable, towable, or crawler. They range in cutting force from 660T to 1100T and are built with the patented wrap-around box (TS Box). Easy to move, shear/baler/loggers are suitable for processing most metals and demolition scrap while ensuring low operating cost and versatility. The large curved lids of this design fold the metal into a log before it is cut to length by the shear head or further compressed into a bale. Each unit is equipped with best in class hydraulic components engineered by LEFORT and a high performance engine making the SB660, SB800, and SB1100 the most powerful and quick shear/balers on the market. They are available with electric or diesel power units.

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The multiblock shear/baler/loggers come with 1100T (SB1100M) or 1400T (SB1400M) of cutting force and a large capacity 26' compression box. They are built with the renowned hydraulic system engineered by LEFORT and the patented wrap around compression box (TS Box). The multiblock units are extremely heavy and robust, which makes them suitable for processing larger volumes of metal, demolition scrap, and heavier/bulkier items than the monoblock machines. These units are divided in 3 major subassemblies: the shear head, the compression box, and the power container. Optionally, a safety platform with cabin may be added to operate the machine securely and comfortably. These also come with electric or diesel power units.

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